Welcome to Rising Phoenix Martial Arts

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts has a different focus than your typical martial arts school.  In terms of approach, Rising Phoenix is a Kung Fu (or Gong Fu) school.  This refers to the pursuit of excellence of self and supreme skill that is cultivated through time, practice and hard work.  One can achieve Kung Fu in any discipline, but we study warriorship.  True warriorship has three main components:  martial skill, the healing arts, and an aesthetic discipline such as music, painting, dance, metalwork, or calligraphy.  This path has also been described as that of a “warrior-priest”, rounding out what warriorship is.

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts offers the following classes:  Adult Martial Arts (age 14+), Young Warriors (age 7-13), Playful Pandas (age 3-6), Tai Chi for Health, and various seminars such as Women’s Self-Defense.  Additionally, we host instructors and practitioners in other compatible modalities such as yoga, personal training, and painting that are in line with our focus on warriorship.

Every person has a different reason for coming through our door.  Most don’t even know what they are seeking when they come to us, and that’s okay.  Our simple hope is that we can help you on your journey, wherever you’re at.  We invite you to check out our various course offerings and events on this website, and to pay us a visit.  We would love to meet you!


Adult Martial Arts- Tai Chi Ch’uan

Our adult martial curriculum is designed to give students a well-rounded education in the life protection arts before they delve into the deeper questions of Tai Chi Ch’uan. Early ranks provide an exposure to locks, throws, movement, and striking from a variety of different root systems to teach the common principles that underpin all martial arts. Then, as students progress, they are taught the classic principles of Tai Chi Ch’uan, Five Element Theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine, sword work, and pressure point/vital point striking. These knowledge sets add incredible depth to the adult curriculum, and provide the student with a theoretical framework for a lifetime of future study.

Young Warriors

This unique youth martial arts program is designed to fit hand in glove with the adult martial arts curriculum.  Children age 7-13 will develop the basic skills and character traits needed for further study in the martial arts.  Keeping an eye to safety and developing maturity over time, we teach our Young Warriors how to remain calm in times of trial, and respond to aggression in non-violent ways whenever possible.

The Young Warriors curriculum is designed to be both age appropriate and age practical, meaning that techniques are introduced when the students are emotionally mature enough to handle them appropriately, and physically mature enough to execute them effectively and without harming themselves in the process.  The goal is that by the time our Young Warriors reach the age of 14, they will be ready both physically and mentally to excel in our adult class.

Playful Pandas

This class is all about learning through fun. Specifically, we seek to give our Playful Pandas the building block skills they will need for any physical discipline they wish to pursue in the future, whether it’s martial arts, dance, or anything else they want to do. Through a series of well-designed games and activities, your child will develop gross and fine motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination. We will also practice mindfulness, which will help your child to develop emotional awareness and coping skills. All of this will be achieved through play!

Tai Ji for Health

Our Tai Ji for Health class is designed so that people of all ages and ability levels can experience this ancient and proven method of reducing stress and improving health. No experience? No problem. Feeling stiff? Sore? Old? Stressed? Recovering from an injury? Let’s get moving! You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel in a short period of time with this class.


Our yoga class focuses on flexibility and strength, as well as mindfulness. This holistic yoga class will leave you feeling relaxed, but will also provide an excellent workout. Improve your body in a supportive, relaxed environment.


Sensei Chris Thomason
438 Main St E
Menomonie, WI 54751

(715) 308-0319