This is classical Okinawan Karate- the good stuff! The specific style taught here is Ryukyu No Ti, translated “Hand of Okinawa”. You will find elements of Isshinryu, Goju Ryu, and Okinawan Kempo, along with their classic forms and techniques. You will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method and in time be able to apply them without thinking. Material will include: forms, bunkai (application), sparring, striking, grappling, throws, Tuite Jitsu (joint manipulation), and Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point applications), providing a comprehensive self-defense education. Favoring practical understanding over rote memorization, students will be taught to think critically about self-defense. This class is physical in nature and a LOT OF FUN! I started my karate journey in 1996, and my instructor is Kyoshi Lloyd Brown, an 8th degree grandmaster.

Tai Chi Ch’uan

While other styles might be described as “fight science”, Tai Chi Ch’uan is a true martial art. This class features all of the benefits of your typical Tai Chi class for stress reduction and health improvement. However, we take this a step further and teach students all of the self-defense aspects of this old martial arts style. Literally translated as “Supreme Ultimate Fist”, Tai Chi Ch’uan is frequently misunderstood due how slowly its movements are practiced. Yet in application, “slow makes smooth; smooth makes fast”, and this is a highly effective martial art. The slow practice has another added benefit, however, which is that people of virtually any physical ability level can safely learn this martial art. The specific style of Tai Chi Ch’uan we offer at Rising Phoenix is Old Yang Style. I have personally been practicing Tai Chi Chuan since 2012, and my instructor is Tai Sigung Steve Aldus, a 10th degree grandmaster and recognized lineage holder.

Young Warriors

This youth Karate program is designed to fit hand in glove with the adult Karate curriculum.  Children age 7-13 will develop the basic skills and character traits needed for further study in the martial arts.  Keeping an eye to safety and developing maturity over time, we teach our Young Warriors how to remain calm in times of trial, and respond to aggression in non-violent ways whenever possible. The Young Warriors curriculum is the same as the adult Karate system. However, the material is taught differently in a way that is age appropriate until a student matures naturally and is ready (physically, mentally, and in their technique) for the adult Karate class. This happens at different ages for everyone, so the age range here is a guideline, rather than a hard and fast rule.

Lil’ Dragons

This Karate curriculum is specifically designed for kids aged 3-6 years and has been used with great success all over the country. Teaching discipline, respect, and life lessons alongside basic Karate skills, this class is incredibly valuable and will help your child to excel in all of his/her future learning opportunities. With a limited student to instructor ratio and a class length and frequency that is tailored to meet young students’ needs, the Lil’ Dragons is the perfect way for your child to begin martial arts training.


Our yoga class focuses on flexibility and strength, as well as mindfulness. Whether you’re a first time yoga student or a seasoned practitioner, there’s a little something here for everybody. This holistic yoga class will leave you feeling relaxed, but will also provide an excellent workout. Improve your body in a supportive, relaxed environment.

Pricing Info

Rising Phoenix has always tried to be affordable for families while keeping in mind that we have to keep the doors open. At this time, all of our martial arts classes (aside from private or semi-private lessons) are priced at $99 per month on a month-to-month basis. We don’t require long-term contracts, because we understand that people change their minds, and they should be free to do so. It keeps our instructors at their best, too!  We do have family rates and are reasonable about working with families who have financial need but would still like to take our classes. Our first class is always free to try (excluding yoga and private/semi-private lessons), and we strongly recommend taking in a class before making your decision.

Tai Chi Ch’uan:  $99/mo

Adult Karate:  $99/mo

Young Warriors Karate:  $99/mo

Lil’ Dragons Karate:  $99/mo

Yoga:  $12/class drop in, or $50 for a 5 punch card

Private and Semi-private Lessons:  Inquire with Sensei Thomason.